Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

I am sorry for not updating this blog for years so long. I swear. I really wanna do so but how can I update if the internet line sucks me so much. I am not a city girl, so the internet problem does not bother us much. But yaa, it is quite stressing me sometimes. I used to live with no internet instead of shaking my phone just in case the internet speed will increase. Cehee. 

I would like to say sorry to a cute blogger, Syara. She tagged me. I really appreciate her. Thanks Syara. I never have been tagged before. I am newbie. *nosepick .So now, I wanna answer to her questions, 

1. What is your goals in your life

I like this question so much because it makes me thinking. I do not say I have no goal. Of course I have. I have two goals. My ultimate goal is I want to stay happily with my beloved in Jannah. So I have to try harder to become a better person day by day. As a daughter, I want to ease my parent's life in future. Yaa maybe it sounds cliche. When you are a son or daughter to a couple, you want the best for a couple that have raised you until you become who you are. It is worth thing to do. As myself, I want to be what I want. Sorry, for now I dont want to expose yet what I want to become. I really hope that you guys can pray for me. May Allah ease your life too. Amiin.

2. Do you have any phobia

Of course I have. Just thinking of it, making my heart pounds so hard. I cannot hear someone is screaming or talking to me using high tones. It shakes me. I have something that I do not want to reminisce. I like reminiscing my childhood time but not that one. It hurts me sometimes. I have no phobia with animals. I have bitten by cobra when I was four years old. I felt like I have no legs. But still, I can touch the snake barely. Am I a wonder woman? Cehee.

3. Who is your close friend

This question is quite hard. Hmm. I am a friendly person. So I have lots of friends. When I was in school, my classmates are of course my close friends. I do have a close friend since I was younger until now. I spit out everything to her. She is my mom. She is always my close friend. I never have someone closer instead of her. She is such a good listener and she will tell me whether I was doing the right thing or not. Sometimes, I got scolded by her because the wrong thing that I have done. I love my mom. 

4. Imagine you are in 10 years from now. What will you be?

So, I am 28 years old. Two years more and I will be 30th. Cannot move on yet from eighteen. *pinch nose* InshaAllah I will have title in front of my name and I will be someone that I wish I will be. Maybe I am still single. Cehee. 

5. Can you describe your hidden talents?

Instead of having a croak sound when I am singing, I have no talent at all. I cant cook, I cannot be a motocyclist since I still used my sister's leg to stable myslef. Let me think first. I will tell you if I found. I am not a fashionist too. *Sigh

6. What is your favourite animal

*Cricket sound* I think I love cat. errr. Yaaa. A C.A.T.

7. Have you tried any foreign food

Of course! I must try every food if I have any chances !

8. What do you like about yourself

Can I keep this as a secret. Cehee.

9. Describe your bedroom in 4 words

My bedroom is big , simple , calm and clean ! I am sooo proud of it. Tehee.

10. What is your favourite type of book

Sometimes, I love reading love novel because I just want to free my mind. Cehee. It is a therapy too. I love reading science books. I love science.

11. Who do you admire and want to be like

Vivy Yusof ! She is my inspiration !

So guys, hoping that I am not being so late. Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims. May we become a better person and let us fill our pail with so many pahala to be collected. This 4th June, I will officially become a student. Pray for me!


  1. Thanks for answering this Kak Azimah! I appreciate it like a lot :DD Well, eventho you're a newbie but, you're one of my favorite blogger! And also, thanks for that compliment xD I was really shocked at first, but somehow happy at the same time lol :p oh and yh! Happy Ramadhan Kareem too! May Allah ease everything from our ibadah and our future! :) Seriously, Vivy Yusof was also one of my inspiration! ^^

  2. follow sni.. hai.i'm newbie. btw, bestnya buat entry ni..but no one tag me yet and no one know my blog yet :D lets be frend.

  3. followed you here #65.
    do visit n follow me back yaaa


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