Thursday, 10 August 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

Err. Do I still have a reader? *wipe tears* Felt so guilty because I have neglected my favourite place. Tsk. Tsk. Since I have been a student, I do missed my life during last six months. I missed my sleeping time, my precious leisure time. *really hope you guys has forgotten the incident that I peeled my own skin during driving lesson. Erk =_= Ohh. The 20 candles are not because of the driving lesson.

This is really really serious post. Oh. Please turn off your light because it quite sentimental post. Ehem. Ehem. 

Dear my favourite senior , Sis Aishah Asykien. First of all, please dont get mad! I never forget your birthday. How comes I cant remember every single things about my priority. You are twenty now! *light up 20 candles* Allow me to get you with me. *eyes to eyes* . Happy Birthday dear sister. Thank you for being my side through thick and thin. Thanks for always be a good listener. Can you prepare another roll of tissues because this girl will cry. Should I tell you that I love you. No need, right? I never can describe how much I love you. Dear, may Allah always bless our friendship. As you know, I also can be your listener. You have my number so use it wisely k. Congratulations ! UNIMAS? Why so far? Cisyy. Why dont you apply somewhere near me? 

Please plan something special for us soon! You need me for the next five years. Err well said, I can be your good bridesmaid. Tehee. 

This girl is the one who stops my tear. The one who makes me stronger. The one who supports me during thick time. My eternal girl! 

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  1. awwww such a good friend. *big clap yeayy

  2. Salam singgah dan follow :)


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