Thursday, 10 August 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

Err. Do I still have a reader? *wipe tears* Felt so guilty because I have neglected my favourite place. Tsk. Tsk. Since I have been a student, I do missed my life during last six months. I missed my sleeping time, my precious leisure time. *really hope you guys has forgotten the incident that I peeled my own skin during driving lesson. Erk =_= Ohh. The 20 candles are not because of the driving lesson.

This is really really serious post. Oh. Please turn off your light because it quite sentimental post. Ehem. Ehem. 

Dear my favourite senior , Sis Aishah Asykien. First of all, please dont get mad! I never forget your birthday. How comes I cant remember every single things about my priority. You are twenty now! *light up 20 candles* Allow me to get you with me. *eyes to eyes* . Happy Birthday dear sister. Thank you for being my side through thick and thin. Thanks for always be a good listener. Can you prepare another roll of tissues because this girl will cry. Should I tell you that I love you. No need, right? I never can describe how much I love you. Dear, may Allah always bless our friendship. As you know, I also can be your listener. You have my number so use it wisely k. Congratulations ! UNIMAS? Why so far? Cisyy. Why dont you apply somewhere near me? 

Please plan something special for us soon! You need me for the next five years. Err well said, I can be your good bridesmaid. Tehee. 

This girl is the one who stops my tear. The one who makes me stronger. The one who supports me during thick time. My eternal girl! 

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

I am sorry for not updating this blog for years so long. I swear. I really wanna do so but how can I update if the internet line sucks me so much. I am not a city girl, so the internet problem does not bother us much. But yaa, it is quite stressing me sometimes. I used to live with no internet instead of shaking my phone just in case the internet speed will increase. Cehee. 

I would like to say sorry to a cute blogger, Syara. She tagged me. I really appreciate her. Thanks Syara. I never have been tagged before. I am newbie. *nosepick .So now, I wanna answer to her questions, 

1. What is your goals in your life

I like this question so much because it makes me thinking. I do not say I have no goal. Of course I have. I have two goals. My ultimate goal is I want to stay happily with my beloved in Jannah. So I have to try harder to become a better person day by day. As a daughter, I want to ease my parent's life in future. Yaa maybe it sounds cliche. When you are a son or daughter to a couple, you want the best for a couple that have raised you until you become who you are. It is worth thing to do. As myself, I want to be what I want. Sorry, for now I dont want to expose yet what I want to become. I really hope that you guys can pray for me. May Allah ease your life too. Amiin.

2. Do you have any phobia

Of course I have. Just thinking of it, making my heart pounds so hard. I cannot hear someone is screaming or talking to me using high tones. It shakes me. I have something that I do not want to reminisce. I like reminiscing my childhood time but not that one. It hurts me sometimes. I have no phobia with animals. I have bitten by cobra when I was four years old. I felt like I have no legs. But still, I can touch the snake barely. Am I a wonder woman? Cehee.

3. Who is your close friend

This question is quite hard. Hmm. I am a friendly person. So I have lots of friends. When I was in school, my classmates are of course my close friends. I do have a close friend since I was younger until now. I spit out everything to her. She is my mom. She is always my close friend. I never have someone closer instead of her. She is such a good listener and she will tell me whether I was doing the right thing or not. Sometimes, I got scolded by her because the wrong thing that I have done. I love my mom. 

4. Imagine you are in 10 years from now. What will you be?

So, I am 28 years old. Two years more and I will be 30th. Cannot move on yet from eighteen. *pinch nose* InshaAllah I will have title in front of my name and I will be someone that I wish I will be. Maybe I am still single. Cehee. 

5. Can you describe your hidden talents?

Instead of having a croak sound when I am singing, I have no talent at all. I cant cook, I cannot be a motocyclist since I still used my sister's leg to stable myslef. Let me think first. I will tell you if I found. I am not a fashionist too. *Sigh

6. What is your favourite animal

*Cricket sound* I think I love cat. errr. Yaaa. A C.A.T.

7. Have you tried any foreign food

Of course! I must try every food if I have any chances !

8. What do you like about yourself

Can I keep this as a secret. Cehee.

9. Describe your bedroom in 4 words

My bedroom is big , simple , calm and clean ! I am sooo proud of it. Tehee.

10. What is your favourite type of book

Sometimes, I love reading love novel because I just want to free my mind. Cehee. It is a therapy too. I love reading science books. I love science.

11. Who do you admire and want to be like

Vivy Yusof ! She is my inspiration !

So guys, hoping that I am not being so late. Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims. May we become a better person and let us fill our pail with so many pahala to be collected. This 4th June, I will officially become a student. Pray for me!

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