Tuesday, 25 April 2017

What A Waste

Assalamualaikum and Hello

Do you manage your time wisely? *sipping nescafe*  . Or do you need my precious tips for you. Oh sure, sure. *wipe mouth* . Hm . I think you guys need a new notebook and a ball pen because you probably need additional sheets. Ceshhh. You just found a veeery wrong person. I had so much time wasted. *tears rolling down the cheeks* . I have been honeymoon freely in my enormous mansion house. Guys, It is 5 months already.

I do the same things everyday. Yeaa. of course house chores. Cooking? *scratch nose* Yaa. I mastered every ingredients in the kitchen. I can differentiate the spinach and some-green-vegetable. See, I know every vegetables even Im not the eater. I can bake also. Because I love Kek Batik so much, I learned how to make it. Yaa. Im such a failure. I just know how to make a scrumptious Kek Batik. Hey, I dont give you an evasive answer. *shrug*  . Yaa. I learned it on January. Dont ask me a new recipes that I have learnt for the next month. *shy* .

I promised I will be a good cook in future and I can say to my mother in law that I can cook whatever your son's favourite. Cehehehe. Instead of cooking, I fill my leasure time by doing exercises. *wipe sweat* . Guys, I was being a sleeping beauty during evening. My parent keep asking me to do some outdoor activities but I was just kissing them as a perfect thank to care of their beloved daughter. 

I wonder, how I waste so many times instead of doing something beneficial. I play badminton with my family recently. Im the one who was breathing heavily. Hello, dont you guys feel exhausted. At least, you need to get rest for every 10 minutes. =_= 

I am improving. I can play for an hour non stop. Trust me ! Im telling you the good news. Oh, I already can bawak motor. My younger sister can lift up her leg. I don't need her leg anymore. See, I survive, *blow nails* . But still, it leaves me a scar . =_='

Sometimes, I wonder. Do my lil brother feel lonely. He likes to play football. Neither his sisters nor his mother love football. He just kicked the ball alone, winning alone. So, his sweet sisters joined him. I am not so girly. I could kick the slippers ball higher than his. I could make two goals consecutively. It is a perfect achievement. Of course, I was not cheating. Tehee.

Oh I am sleepy. I am typing my post beside my little brother. He insist to sleep alone tonight. This is his first time sleeping alone. Ya Allah, protect him from any pests to come near him. 

Monday, 24 April 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

I missed my breakfast today and I have to wait for the lunch to make my stomach happy. Sorry, you can stand it for two hours more.Do you? *rub tummy* Oh, my mom prepared breakfast and seems like she wants me to be a vegetarian. I woke up in the morning with a bright smile. Opened the window, Oh my god! I was late to perform my subuh. I looked at my clock. It is 6:45 a.m. I rushed. 

"Mom, I am late!" I told her innocently.

"Ooh, I thought you wanna wait till the sun shines brightly to perform solat Subuh." =_='

After I performed my Subuh, I sang happily and headed to kitchen.

"Good morning, Mom! So, what is the special breakfast that my queen prepared to me." Looking around the kitchen.

"Good Morning Darling! Of course I had prepared something special yet healthy without any green stuff in your breakfast." She smiled sweetly.

I went to the dining room and opened the tudung saji. There was a plate of Jemput-jemput (I am not sure what it is) . 

"Mom is there any onions inside it?

"I cutted it so small. You wont taste it, "

Oh I felt full all of sudden. What a magic is it. I did not mention that I miss the vegetables. We are not getting along together. I miss my two sisters. They both are so busy. I ponder. We do not have so much time to gather. My first sister is working and she will be getting married. My second sister is studying. Last weekend, my first sister went home. We spent most time together. Watching our favourite movie, Beauty and The Beast. 

We shared the same interest. We love English movie, neither my second sister and my younger sister. We reminisced our childhood and laughed to each other. How perfect parent is. She raised us so well. They shower us with full of love. Alhamdulillah. I am being so grateful. Ya Allah, grant them with a beautiful mansion in paradise. Let us be together. Amiin. I am waiting for the upcoming Hari Raya. 

Guys, pray for me! Hopefully, I will get Matriculation offer. Amiin.

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