Sunday, 2 April 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

The post title is not relating with any KPOP songs. If Im not mistaken 2PM song right? Sorry,sorry,.... I am not KPOP fans . Sorry :D Guys, how many times you will say sorry for the mistakes that was not yours? I personally salute and respect for someone who is so responsible on asking a forgiveness. It doesnt matter whether or not you re the one who makes the mistakes, you wont lose anything for seeking the forgiveness. 

Yaa, for someone who never asked for my forgiveness, I forgive all of you. It is a sincere forgiveness. No doubt! So, you guys at least should say sorry even it just a small wrong. Dont worry, you never die because You were saying a simple sorry. Trust me. Im alive . I wonder, how someone can just shop happily, eating until fat, shower until your water tank dried without feeling any guilty of doing wrong to someone else. 

Sometimes, if Im not in a good mood, I will not talking to everyone, ignored all my friends, glared them like a hungry tiger wanna chew a fleshy lamb. After my bad mood ended, I have to say sorry to them because of my immatured thing that Ive done. My parent always asked to forgive everyone. How big mistakes that they had done, You just have to forgive because we just human being.

Yeah. I admit. sometimes I felt bad because I expected someone who was doing bad and hurt me will say sorry to me instead of just ignoring me. Is it so hard to say sorry ? Do you guys know I ve waited for yours so long. That's why , we have to lead our mind and of course our heart to positive ways. You will feel calmer. 


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