Saturday, 8 April 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello


Yesterday was her birthday. She was en eighteen-years-old-still-young girl. She should appreciate me more than she appreciated herself. *flip hair. I was so busy on planning her birthday suprises. Oh see, Im being selfish. Actually, we (the roses which is my classmates except this wrinkled lady) had created a whatsapp group to plan for a suprise. 

I swear, if i'd got a car license , I will drive away to your house which is just a metre from my bedroom. *so drama queen this lady. She is also the top student who had got 9A's in SPM 2016. Ya ya . Im prouder than her. Of course, Im prouder. She is my teacher. Oh God, I missed her so much. I just love to hang out with her. We laughed to each other, and we would judge each pictures that make us uglier. 

Why did I mentioned her as adik? Actually, we had our special name and just the both of us knew it. Nobody knows. It is quite a secret. I shared with you guys, but dont tell to other roses, can ah? She called me Alang. We were so sweet. We sent a letter to each other. Celebrated each other's birthday. Just the two of us of course. We gave each other's present during birthday. Ya ya , I know we are sweeter. 

So for adik, just wanna you know, we never expected the last meeting, right? So im looking forward to sleepover at your house. Dont say im not invited. lalala. Are you waiting for a present? Yaa, a toothpick can make you smile brightly,right? Well, I will work on it,then. 

So, for my gorgeous readers and followers, if you remember about the post before, i had mentioned about the roses right? If you are still wondering who is the roses, here it is.

The thirteen roses 

We are the members of Galaxy of Roses. After knowing them, thirteen is my fav number.


  1. happy birthday to her and congrats on her superb SPM achievement...all the best on her future undertakings

    1. She would like to thank you so much :D

  2. wow, members of galaxy roses, and happy birthday to "adik", :)

  3. happy belated birthday to ur 'adik' :D


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