Friday, 31 March 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

I am eighteen , yaa 18. I wanna thank my teacher for inviting us for joining any school programmes even we are not student anymore. How comes they are so sweet .Unfortunately, I cant make it happen. I couldnt take part because of some excuses cases. I came to school on Thursday, just wanna see the progress of the camp with no me. Am I needed in this camp? Do they manage to proceed the camp with no me? *rolleyes

I envy of them because they really enjoyed. I could see it. Urgh. Im the one who is not being so lucky. My teacher said , the participants should stay in hostel. I dont wanna to :(  I just cant to stay away from my parent. I bet you guys know how much I love my parent . Let me spend the rest of my life with them please. 

Back to the topics, the camp was handled by a team, The Kalsom . Hajar, the student who'd got 9A+ in SPM 2016 also joined this camp. She is gorgeous , I swear. But, I didnt have a chance to talk to her and interviewed her. She is so smart. Im getting jealous. Dont lazy! Dont lazy!


  1. Bestnyaaaa! 'Back to school' sangaatttt... Huhu. Don't be jealous, sayangku. You can be very smart and gorgeous too! ♥

    1. Thank you sis. 😘 InshaAllah. I can be as smart as you too and as gorgeous as you 😍

  2. maybe next time u can join it, who's know, :)


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