Saturday, 8 April 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello

I never expected to have such a cute couchmate yet. Ya ya, I slep with my cat. My sister rather to sleep in the next room than sharing the same couch with us. Oh I lied. Pffft. I didnt allow her to stay together with us. Let it us spent our time together. Hehe.

I am still learning to decorate my blog. My blog is simple yet chic. It is so my taste. Thank Sis Nurul. She is my Fairy Godmother. Thank you sis :') Im so humble to see your blog. You guys are so creative. Im impressed. I would like to thank to all my gorgeous, handsome readers and followers for spending your precious time reading my blog. Yaa. Im not so good on writing. I know. *sob sob. You guys are the best. You responded in every post, you followed mine. Im touched. 

I hope we can be friend after this, we can hang out together, licking ice cream, laughed together. Hehe. Perhaps. So, I purposely, dont wanna put the chatbox. So if you guys have something to share , do just comment on my post entry. I will reply. If you guys wanna just blogwalking, just left your link in my new widget box. *wink wink. Yaa Im so jakun . Well. Im newbie.

Guys, do pray me to get Matriculation :)


  1. i hope you can continue your study in Matriculation, :)

  2. Hello azimah. spending time eating ice cream together sounds fun! :D

    1. Yaa. Who knows, we can hang out together . 🤗

  3. gud luck Azimah..InsyaAllah.. I believe you will get it same as my daughter who is now in KMS..

  4. Good luck sis.

    And nice to meet you. Let us become friends!

  5. Blogwalking here

    Drop by here : /

    Same age as yours, be tough. Insya Allah, Allah ease your way😊😊😊

  6. I love your blog ..It's better than mine actually well simple is perfect! And yh chic xD


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