Friday, 24 March 2017

Precious Memories

Assalamualaikum and Hello

Im being so lucky since I am the member of Galaxy of Roses .You guys can click here to see the photos. We have so many memories that we wanna to keep it forever. 

My Physics teacher . Miss Azira. She is the sweetest. She cares of us so much. She used to call me baby . Please dont puke here. 

My Reka Cipta teacher. He is such an understanding dad. He will change the topic if he saw some of us were yawning. *I am the one

I like to debate with her. She likes to bahan me. Im talkative enough that's why kot she has to find many ways to plaster my mouth. She also is our discipline teacher. Being a student of a discipline teacher is not bad.

She called herself 'Kakak cute' . She is a great laughter. I like addmath as much as I like her. I always asked her permission to close my pretty eyes for 10 minutes(sleeping). She woke up not more than 5 minutes. She likes to make jokes if we had stress solving the questions.

She is quite serious sometimes, but she is so caring to us. I always be the one who always got scolded by her. I did a lot msitakes in Mathematics. yaa. It is so easy, that's why. haha *flip hair

We called her ibu, because she is our class teacher. Instead of that, she is so ibu-like. She is so warm and gentle to her princesses. 

She is my ex ustazah. She moved to another school. Id got envy to the school. Ive cried so much because I dont wanna let her go. We keep contact each other. Alhamdulillah. Her new student cant get her attention like she gave to me. *blow nails.
 I dont think I will get any teachers like them. Gonna miss them so much. In future, I plan to visit them more often. The will get bored but who cares. Hehe. 


  1. Nostalgia bersama guur-guru, memang kenangan manis, :)


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