Friday, 24 March 2017

She is Getting Married

Assalamualaikum and Hello

Takziah untuk diri saya. :'(( Poor me. Okay. Just ignore. Tolong  jangan kesiankan saya. As you all know yang sekarang ni kami(notonlyme) sedang busy mengisi upu. Ya saya tahu. It is not so complicated, but when it comes for making a choice. It is quite chaotic for me. Duhh. Before I proceed on choosing the course, I did semak syarat. It is important because we have to know that we are qualified for certain courses that has been chosen. It is quite pathetic when we have decided to apply the course that we fond of, but we are not qualified to apply it.

I have grown up so well. *blow nails. Never expect things could turn as planned. As a Muslim , we have known that God plans our life perfectly. Yaa, I know. It is easy to say 'Be Positive'. As a human being,deep inside, I felt a lil disappoined. So, I'd got headache lately. I think a lot. It is not easy to decide what courses are suit with me. Dear reader, do pray for me. Thank you :D

I would like to congratulate my gorgeous senior. You are getting married !! I couldnt believe, she had been taken from me. Dear, kak Nini cantik, flawless, gorgeous ,thank you for being my side always. Dont forget me, please. I hope you guys will get sweet baby, soon. Oops. Hehe. Sorry for not coming to your wedding. I was in Johor. 

The brown-tudung girl is my favourite senior. I can be your bridesmaid on your wedding . hehe. They both are always be my favourite sisters, seniors and If Allah wills, our friendship will long lasting. Aamiin.

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