Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Be Positive

Assalamualaikum and Hello

It is evening. For those who are so lazy to get outside of the house or wherever you are, why dont you read my precious blog for a moment. Just in case, mine can release your stress. You are so allowed to follow mine kay. It is not prohibited at all.

Im famished already because I dont get my teatime properly. I cant sleep well, I cant eat much , I cant do something that I fond of. I had lost my sleeping skill, my eating-much skill. Just because of something so terified. SPM Result is just around the corner.

So I think it is quite serious because it affected my daily routine. I cant stay calmly as before. No more guys! So my by bestiest encouraged me and gave out their advices to me. I take it positively. I have to think positive and dont ever let the negativity stay around us. Just shuuuh. You know, the negativity is really not good. *rolleyes . Yaa. Everyone knows that. Well, I am just being so caring, guys. Can I get some credit for it? *ignoreplease

Before Im being who I am now, I really fed my mind with negativities. My life is so miserable. I hate it so much. As I've grown up, I learn so many things. I studied people around me and I absorbed the positive thing. Whatever the result is, It is not the end of a life. It just a checkpoint. Allah is the best planner. So, as a servant, why dont we just keep praying to a brighter future. Dont forget to be grateful for everything.

Dont say you have nothing to be grateful . If you have nothing, you cant even breath. Am I right? Just a precious advice from me,your little, cute stranger . Always be positive because it is the perfect weapon to built another strength.


  1. Nice entry...singgah pulak dekat sini ya....


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