Saturday, 11 March 2017

4 Days Left :')

Assalamualaikum and Hello

4 days more . *sigh . As expected, time flies. Since then, I never let myself stay away from the calendars. I keep counting days until I wanna puke on it. There is not just a calendar. The calendars are everywhere. I still thinking to paste the calendar on the door. *sigh . I seethed with hatred when I saw the calendar. yaa. It is so ridiculous.  I just felt like a drowning girl.

I have a really good conversation with my roses. I bet you must be wondering who are the roses. Am I nut having a conversation with flowers. Actually, I named my classmates "roses". We are all girls. So, it is rare . Okay. I dont care if you doesnt think so. Have you heard about the quotes .

Every roses has its thorns
So, it doesnt easily touched. So boys, beware! Okay im just out of the topic. Since it is just 4days remained. We really good to cheer up ourselves. Yaa, we laughed a lot, make a silly joke. They make me missed all of them so much. There are so many perpetual memories that they brought in my life. It was embedded so well deep in my heart. We always throwback the stolen moments. Urgh. I missed my teachers too. *sobsobsob . My BM teacher is good on creating the trademark. I used to debate with my English teacher,  Struggling to open my eyes wider during Sejarah class, Asking a lot of questions to ustazah but she never tired to answer all the questions and for sure some of them are nonsense. Should I mention all the teachers. They are just too precious.

Dear readers, pray for me. I've caught in fever. Ohmy. Get well soon dearself. I so desperately have to clean up my bedroom since it has been awhile since the last clean-up session. I keep sniffing, coughing , sneezing . My mom felt ease because her stubborn daughter just got herself in. As I was enjoying my honeymoon for three months, I just realised that I dont complete my mission yet. I noted myself to learn cooking, but still, i dont have chemistry with all the kitchen stuffs. Brrr.


  1. get well soon dear take care :D

    1. Thank you. You take care of yourself too ;)

  2. Sekarang nie cuaca agak tak menentu. Stay healthy dear :)

    1. InshaAllah. Same goes to you dear ;) Take care


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